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Through design and development , and the use of patented technologies, we have created or helped to create industry altering packaging solutions including but not limited to the Self-Chilling Beverage Can, the draft beer can widget, and the CO2 cartridge less 5 litre beer keg.

Our Production facility has been designed with total flexibility in mind, allowing us to adapt very quickly to our customers’ needs. This is proving extremely valuable.

High investment has allowed us to equip our facility with high quality and modern moulding machines and ancillary equipment, including fully-integrated robotics for ‘untouched’ handling and error checking.

SI Protech has a impressive range of high quality , computer controlled Negri Bossi plastic injection moulding machines ranging from 30 to 800 tonnes. All machines include specialised ancillary injection moulding equipment such as moulds heaters, dryers, hot runner controllers, conveyors, sprue pickers, individual water chillers for optimum temperature control and various automated assembly equipment.


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  • Clean assembly areas
  • Automated assembly machinery
  • Customer line visits to review component & line performance
  • Rejection stations to remove any faulty products
  • Failure prevention in the market through the use of project management techniques for example the use design and process FMEA(Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
  • Detailed maintenance programmes for plant and equipment using TPM techniques and strategies
  • Confidential Development Lab

We gladly welcome our clients to inspect our facility, and are frequently visited by our clients’ quality teams. We’re always available to deal with enquiries first-hand, and to provide solutions.

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