3D Design, Development and Prototyping

SI Protech (UK) can provide you with a 3 dimensional solid model designed to bring life to your components.  We offer a complete package from ‘concept creation through’ to ‘proof of principle’, guiding your product through ‘prototyping and development’ to ‘commercial planning and production’.

Injection Moulding Production + Assembly

Injection Moulding, is our primary process for producing high and low volumes of plastic parts and components. In additional  innovative assembly methods both manual and fully automatic are often developed to meet the needs of the customer. SI Protech (UK) Ltd specializes in high specification techincal mouldings focusing on complex and close tolerance components. We use only the highest quality materials from the world’s most innovative polymer suppliers.

Quality Assurance and Control

SI Protech (UK) Ltd is certified by the BSI  (British Standards Institute)  to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 . In addition our projects are managed using a production part approvals process ( PPAP)  that focuses on building in quality and ensuring processes are capable via the use SPC and Six Sigma strategies to establish robust and predictable production . The use of these tools and techniques provide the reliable data and information necessary for our continuous improvement (Kaizen) philosophies.